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21 Things to do in London for £10 or less

21 Things to do in London for £10 or less

Alba LemosOur student, Alba Lemos, gives us a rundown on the many things you can do in London if you have a small budget or would like to save up. Here are 21 things you can do in London for £10 or less:

  1. Most of the museums are free (apart from The Museum of Transport) and their respective exhibitions.
    Science Museum (London for less than £10)
  2. You can get clothes and different things for less than £5 or even for £1 in a charity shop.
  3. You can enter almost all of the pubs in London for free, and some of them will let you enjoy live gigs.
  4. Plan a visit to the Skygarden for free, London’s highest public garden, at Fenchurch Street.
    The Sky Garden London (London for less than £10)
  5. Go to one of the restaurants in The Shard, located at London Bridge. You can enjoy the amazing views from there only paying for your drink (less than £10) or dinner if you wish to spend more.
  6. Have lunch in a market (Camden, Brick Lane and Borough for example) for £5 or £6.
  7. Some theatres offer cheap tickets with decent sightlines (£10 Mondays at the Royal Court, £10 at Lyric Hammersmith for instance)
  8. Lidos for £4 in Tooting, Charlton, Finchley and London Fields.
    Lido Tooting (London for less than £10)
  9. With the student card you can get discounts on food and clothes.
  10. Watch an opera or ballet at The Royal Opera House for £5.
  11. See a show at The Royal Albert Hall for £5.
  12. Enjoy a cruise from London Zoo to Little Venice for £5.
    Boat to Little Venice (London for less than £10)
  13. You can go to the cinema for £3.50 on Tuesdays at the Coronet Cinema in Notting Hill.
  14. Free walking tours.
  15. 1 Free coffee or tea at Waitrose if you have the Waitrose client card. You have to apply for it online and it will be delivered to your home.
  16. Walk through Hyde Park, Regents Park, St. James’ Park and all of the public parks that there are in London.
  17. First lesson for free at English Studio.
  18. Take a picture at the platform 9 3/4 as if you were Harry Potter pushing his trolley to take the Hogwarts Express for free.
    Platform 9 3/4 (London for less than £10)
  19. If you pick up the Metro newspaper, you can get McDonalds discounts and you can eat for £2.
  20. Street performers at Covent Garden and Leicester Square.
  21. You can hear opera singers at Covent Garden for free.

Alba Lemos

Can you think of any other things to do in London for less than £10? Please let us know and we’ll add them to the list.

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