Cheap Cinemas in London

London is a great city for cinemas. Crossing Leicester Square on a lucky day, you could bump into an enormous red carpet full of celebrities on their way to a premiere. Such luxury could be a bit pricey and scare the true cinema lover away. However, there is no need to panic! We have been North and South looking for the cheapest cinema options in London. Get your popcorn ready!

  1. Prince Charles Cinema is a cinematic institution in London. Situated just off Leicester Square, it is the king of independent cinemas. The biggest reason for their success is undoubtedly the extravagant marathons offering spectacular entertainment to cinema geeks. Where else would you find the Aliens series back-to-back on a Saturday night? By paying a £10 annual membership, you can watch films for mere £5! Visit for listings and prices.
  2. Coronet Cinema, just a few steps from Notting Hill Gate station, gives you the opportunity to watch current blockbusters for £3.50 on Tuesdays. If you present the English Studio Student Card, which you can get at reception, you can get the same deal on Mondays as well! We couldn’t think of a better way to start the week. Regular tickets are priced at £7.50, which is still a good bargain. More info on
  3. South Londoners can count on PeckhamPlex to watch a brand new film whenever they want for just £4.99. Advanced booking is highly recommended, as there are cinema geeks coming from all over the place. If you are free on Thursday mornings, refreshments are included on the cinema ticket. Their list of films and times is available on
  4. The Barbican cinema has also special offers for new releases twice a week. On Mondays, tickets are just £6, or £8 for 3D films. Tuesdays are for students who bring their English Studio Student Card and gain entry to any new release for just a fiver, or £7 for 3D films. Online booking beforehand is advised to avoid disappointments. More info on
  5. Genesis Cinema, based in Whitechappel, offers many free art events taking place at their cinema-bar, apart from the loved blockbusters. On Mondays and Wednesdays, all tickets go for £3.50. If you are a student with a valid ID (have you been to reception to pick up yours?), you can still enjoy a good session for £5.50 any day of the week. Booking online from their website
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