As directed by the Irish Prime Minister, we closed The English Studio Dublin on Thursday the 12th of March. We were also advised by the UK government to close our London school from Friday 20th March. For enrolled students during this time, lessons have taken place online.

The English Studio will re-open on Monday 2nd November for face-to-face lessons in London and Dublin.

We are supporting all students as much as possible through these challenging times, advising them to stay connected with us via our social platforms. Our student services team is working hard on inventive ways to facilitate further English language learning from home.

For future enquires please email on [email protected] or [email protected]

The school will continue to monitor latest guidance from our Governments and elsewhere on how to contain Covid 19. The safety or our students, employees, homestays and other partners is our top priority, so please be assured that we will remain vigilant and take all reasonable steps to ensure that everyone is safe.