Welcome to the social scene of Dublin: A city of culture, history and Irish charm

Teamed with a language school that believes in a buzzing social life

At the English Studio Dublin we’re super sociable – and our students look forward to learning that goes far beyond the classroom to extend to experiences ranging from nights out in hustling, bustling social hotspots, to cultural experiences that leave a lasting impression. Here’s a summary of just what you can look forward to as a student of ours.

Something to do for every student’s budget
The student life is invariably one that is run on a shoe string budget. But you needn’t worry that a restricted bank balance will lead to a less exciting social life. We carefully research all Dublin has to offer and tell our students all about what free days and nights out they can look forward to during their time with us.

Cultural days out
Dublin is a city that is steeped in culture and history, and experiencing all that Dublin has to offer is very often the best way of experiencing the language first hand.
Our cultural days out will take you to see some historical sights and popular tourist attractions – so you can really get a feel for the jewel in the Emerald Isle’s crown.

Discounts for exclusive clubs
The nightlife within Dublin is action packed and positively buzzing; and as an English Studio Dublin student you’ll be treated to exclusive discounts and deals for making the most of this night scene – lucky you!

St. Patrick’s Day
No time spent over the course of St Patrick’s Day would be complete without a celebration and Dublin is unsurprisingly one of the best places to be to experience the Irish charm and the buzz of a festival – Irish Style. Every year there’s something new to experience, and we’ll let you know all about what you have to look forward to during your stay with us.

We’ve found some pretty perfect partners
We’ve connected with a range of organisations that specialise in exciting day experiences and enlightening nights out. Whenever you book an event we’ll let you know just who’ll be looking after you and who the point of contact is.

Our social calendar is positively packed: Keep up to date with us
With so much on the go day in, day out, you’ll need to keep connected with us to find out about the upcoming events that we’re running and outings that we’re arranging.

We can be found over on Twitter, as well as YouTube, or you can take a trip over to our Facebook page. Oh, and after attending that hot club night, or culturally immersive day out, why not upload your photos to Instagram with the hashtag #theenglishstudio – we’d love to see them!