ES Fun TimesWelcome to London, one of the world’s most exciting cities!
At the English Studio, we know that the learning experience is about so much more than just the classroom. So although we always make sure your English language lessons will be fun, we also want to help you experience the best that London has to offer. You will be in one of the world’s true mega cities so get out there and explore, discover, enjoy and be amazed!

An English language school committed to a packed social life
We understand that our students learn best when they can take all that they’ve soaked up within the classroom out into the real world (and of course after all of that studying, you’ll have more than earned a break). That’s why we put plenty of time into putting together a varied range of events, activities and days out. You can keep up to date with all the latest events over on the English Studio London Facebook page.

English Studio Social Calendar March 2020

Welcome to our neighbourhood
Our English language school in London is located in Holborn right in the heart of this incredible city. When you come here you will get instant access to some of the most talked about attractions that London has to offer. The British Museum is just 5 minutes’ walk away and FREE to enter. The bright lights of Soho are only 2 stops on the tube or just a little further on you can visit world famous Buckingham Palace and watch the changing of the Guard.

Whatever you want from your life outside the classroom you’ll find it in our social programme. Take a look at the video below to see what you could soon be experiencing…

EnglishstudioliveThe best nights out
If you know anything about London, you’ll know all about its incredible nightlife; central to this is a bustling range of clubs that provide for unforgettable nights out.As an English Studio student, you can look forward to exclusive discounts and deals at many of the major clubs within the capital, such as Pacha. If you prefer something a little more cultural then London’s West End is the place for you with its wonderfully varied theatre scene. From a play by Samuel Beckett to the feel good musical that is Billy Elliot and everything in between there’s something for everyone. Make sure you check out English Studio Live – your exclusive opportunity to win tickets to some great events as an English Studio student.

The English Studio - alefilizzola -091 PRINT - CopyDays to amaze
London has so much to soak up that it can be easy to forget there’s so much more to explore. We arrange regular day trips to some of England’s other highlights including Brighton, Stonehenge, Oxford and lots of other famous places. Closer to home we also organise guided walks, museum trips and visits to some of the best attractions. Some of these are led by our English Studio teaching staff and others are organised through other providers that we work with – we’ll always let you know the details when you book.

FREE Cake Friday!
Did you know that according to an old English superstition, putting a fruit cake under your pillow would make you dream about the person you will marry? We don’t recommend you try that but we do recommend our students join us for FREE cake Friday every Friday! Here at the English Studio we love cake quite simply because cake gets people talking. That’s why we deliver it to your classroom every Friday to celebrate another great day at school (and the start of the weekend!)English Studio Free Cake Friday

Look forward to experiences on a budget
As a student we know that money is invariably tight. Luckily for you we’ve got plenty of seriously informed and rather frugal staff who have sought out the very best days and nights out that are completely and utterly free! While London can be an expensive city we can help you find the best things to do on a budget.

Don’t get FOMO (that’s fear of missing out!)
With so much on the go day in, day out, you’ll need to keep connected with us to find out about the upcoming events that we’re running and outings that we’re arranging. We can be found over on Twitter, as well as YouTube, or you can take a trip over to our Facebook page. Oh, and after attending that hot club night, or amazing day out, why not upload your photos to Instagram with the hashtag #theenglishstudio – we’d love to see them!

Before you depart for London download this helpful guide from the British Council with advice on travelling to the UK to learn English.

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