Studying in the UK

Congratulations! If you are on our UK Visa Information page it means you’re now considering taking a course in our London school. #Londonisopen

Some students require a visa to study in the UK, depending on their nationality or passport issuing country. You can quickly and easily find if you need a visa to enter the UK on the UK Government website here.

The UK is a very culturally diverse and welcoming place, the UK Government is estimated to receive approximately 4.2 million visa applications between 2019 and 2020. Your visa application is important and will be processed as quickly as possible – 98% of applicants receive their decision from the Home Office within 15 days.

We want to guide you in the right direction to help keep you informed and ensure you are comfortable with the visa process. Please see below some points you may find helpful.

Students arriving from the EU and EEA

To find out which countries belong to the EU and EEA, check online here.

If this applies to you, you do not need a visa to study in the UK. Simply bring your passport or ID card when you travel and present it at customs and immigration when entering the UK. At this point, you should also be in position of your confirmation of study documents from the school.

Updated 11th April 2019Updates
The English Studio continue to work closely with partner organisation English UK. Additional guidance from English UK regarding the impact of Brexit can be found online here

Student travel
If you plan to study for less than 3-months, there is currently NO IMMEDIATE CHANGE TO ENTRY REQUIREMENTS prior to 1st January 2021.

If you plan to study for longer than 3-months and the UK leaves the EU on of before the 31st October 2019 with no-deal, you will need to apply for a European Temporary Leave to Remain visa, details of which can be found online here.

ID Cards
Information on travelling to the UK on ID cards can be found here. Currently, the UK Government will accept ID cards for entry until 30th December 2020.

Erasmus + programmes
If there is an agreement between the UK and the EU these are likely to continue as now until the end of 2020. If there is no agreement, the UK government is keen to guarantee that the UK will continue to participate in Erasmus + programmes until the end of 2020.


Students arriving from countries outside of the EU or non-EEA territories

If this applies to you, a Short-term Study Visa is required for entry to the UK. Key points of this visa can be found summarised below, further details being online here.

  • Study for up to 11-months if you are aged 16 years or over
  • Applications to be made from your home country, prior to arrival
  • Visa nationals (including Columbia, Russia, Thailand and Turkey) studying less than 6-months should apply for entry clearance before travelling
  • Non-visa nationals (including Brazil, Japan, Korea and Mexico) studying less than 6-months can make visa applications at the UK arrival airport
  • Process time approximately 3-weeks (15 working days)
  • Costs from £97 per-application

If you are applying for a Short-term Study Visa there will be some documentation you need to provide, here is a list of documents required. The English Studio provides required visa documents for hundreds of students every year, we will help you with everything you need once your course booking is paid for and we have received a digital copy of your passport.

Updated 19th May 2019 

TFrom 13 May 2019, nationals from these countries entering the UK will be encouraged to use e-gates instead of seeing an immigration official.

People who have enrolled on courses in the UK, but did not apply for a study visa before travelling, cannot use the e-gates. These students should make sure they see an immigration officer to get the correct stamp in their passports which will allow them to study.

Students without a visa in their passport may not be able to enrol on their course if they use the e-gates.

Read an information pack from the Border Force



As-per the school Attendance Policy and UK Visa and Immigration guidance, students must attend 85% of classes to be compliant with the terms of their visa. Please refer to our Attendance Policy for further details.