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7 things to try in Dublin as an English language student

7 things to try in Dublin as an English language student

Things to try in Dublin

Learning English doesn’t just stop once you leave class. In fact, there are so many opportunities outside class to practice your English. Here are some things you can do in Dublin as an English language student that will fast-track your progress.

Visit one of the many museumsrem

Dublin has a huge range of museums where you can find resources to further improve your listening and reading skills. Many museums offer guided tours, some with headphones (audio tours) and others with a tour leader.

Museums are also full of information that you can read about the exhibitions at your own pace or whenever you see something of interest. Some great museums to check out in Dublin are The Irish Emigration Museum, which is interactive and focuses on the millions of Irish that have emigrated around the world. Kilmainham Goal, a former jail turned museum, details the history and struggle of Ireland, or, if art is more your thing, The National Gallery is definitely worth a visit.

Go on a walking tour

Even if you’ve been in Dublin for months and feel as though you know the place well, walking tours are a fantastic way to learn even more about the city and improve your listening skills at the same time. Learn some facts, soak up the history of Dublin, discover some new places and maybe even meet some new friends!

Attend a language exchange Ireland event

Language exchange Ireland are brilliant free events run for people to practice and improve their English (or any other language they wish to learn) with native English speakers. Not only are the events a great way to improve your English listening and speaking skills they are also a fun way to socialise and meet new people in Dublin.

Get inspired at Trinity college library

Home to over 200,000 books and the famous the Book of Kells (an ancient Biblical manuscript), Trinity college library is a sight to behold and was even the film location for the library scenes in Harry Potter. Although you have to be a Trinity student to borrow any books, going on a guided tour of the Library is definitely worth it and may inspire you to pick up some English books elsewhere.

Irish food walking tour

If you love walking AND food, then this is the perfect option for you. There are a range of food tours to choose from where you’ll be guided around Dublin’s favourite culinary haunts. The tours are usually run in small groups, giving you the perfect opportunity to practice your English conversational skills whilst trying delicious food at the same time.

Try a Conversation salon

Conversation salons are held every month in Dublin and are designed to bring people together to discuss interesting and uplifting topics. Perfect for advanced English students, conversation salons will get you out of your comfort zone, enrich your English vocabulary and improve your speaking and listening skills.

Have a laugh at a local Comedy club

Learning about humour is an important part in learning the English language and engaging in conversation. Visiting a comedy club is a great way to immerse yourself in the Irish humour, have a laugh and practice your listening skills all at once. Having the pub culture that Dublin has, comedy shows can easily be found all around the city.

At The English Studio we offer a range of activities, free and budget friendly, to our students each month. Follow us on Instagram for all the details or download our monthly social calendar here.


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