Terms & Conditions THE ENGLISH STUDIO Updated 1st August 2018

1. Registration and Payment

1.1. Full payment for the course must be made prior to starting the course, including payment for any official documentation, as well as a registration fee for course bookings under 25 weeks.:

1.1.2. Registration Fee: £40 (London) or €40 (Dublin)

1.1.3. Visa Documentation Fee: £40 (London) or €40 (Dublin)

1.2.  All costs incurred due to measures taken to recover unpaid fees will be paid by the student.

1.3. Should any monies be outstanding then we reserve the right to discontinue the student’s studies and charge interest at 10%.

1.4. Tuition fees do not include costs that are incurred on the student’s behalf, such as examination fees, transport fares, or the cost of any social events. Course books are not included in the course fees. You will need to buy the course book for your class level. You will not be allowed to attend classes until you are in possession of the relevant course book.

1.5. If your course spans more than one term and/or level/and or book, you will be required to buy the materials for each term/level/book.

1.5.1. Dublin Level Progression Test Dates: Mid-Course Test: 20th and 21st March 2019 End of Course Test: 12th and 13th June 2019 Mid-Course Test: 11th and 12th September 2019 End of Course Test: 4th and 5th December 2019

1.6. The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2013 apply to any student who enrolls online, and these regulations provide for the right to cancel within 14 days of the initial application and a full refund will be given.

1.7. Should a student change any of their course details, then we reserve the right to charge a £20/€20 administration charge.

1.8. The minimum age for student enrolment in the UK is 16, and 18 for Ireland.

1.8.1. For students in London under the age of 18, we proceed on the basis that the parent or guardian of the student under 18 is aware of the enrolment, and is bound by all the terms and conditions set out in this document in lieu of the student. Students of this age must be aware that they will be placed in a class with adults and treated as adults. Their teacher will have passed police checks to ensure there is no reason why they cannot teach this age group. In the event of this teacher being ill and the school not being able to provide a cover teacher who has also undergone the check, the student will be moved to a different class with a teacher who has the necessary clearance. The English Studio provides day trips through carefully chosen third parties, and only those daytrips will be offered to 16 & 17 year olds. To join these daytrips, parents must complete the section in the parental consent where permission can be granted. If permission is not granted, we cannot allow under-18s to join these day trips. Students aged 16 and 17 without a guardian in the UK must stay with a homestay. They must book returned airport transfers unless a guardian (21 years and over) is meeting and taking them to and from the airport. A parental consent form must be signed and returned to us before 16 and 17 year-olds can join a course.

1.9. For bookings paid by Mastercard, Visa, JCB, or Delta made to The English Studio we will process the payment at the time of confirming the booking.

2. Accommodation

2.1. Accommodation fees must be paid in full before student’s arrival. Accommodation will be confirmed when full payment is made, and after students have provided flight details confirming their arrival date. Late payments or short notice bookings (less than 8 weeks) cannot guarantee accommodation availability.

2.1.1. International students applying for their visa will receive the full details of their final address only after they get their visas.

2.2. The school reserves the right to change the type of accommodation if the school cannot provide what the student/agent requested when the payment is received. The student will not be eligible for a refund should they choose an alternative accommodation option. Additionally, they are liable to pay any difference should the rate of the alternative option be higher than the original payment made.

2.3. The English Studio does not charge a security deposit for accommodation. The student is responsible for any damage caused to accommodation and The English Studio is not liable. Our Dublin Houseshare provider may charge a deposit of €100 on arrival. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the return of this deposit.

2.4. The English Studio Student Residence in Dublin will request a €50 deposit on arrival for the room key. This is returned to the student at the end of their stay upon return of the key. The English Studio Dublin reserves the right to keep this deposit should the key be lost or damaged in any way while under the student’s possession.

2.5. Cancellations are accepted up to two weeks prior to arrival date. For cancellations after this, two (2) weeks of accommodation will be charged. This does not apply if the school has issued official Confirmation of Study for a study visa.

2.6. Students wishing to leave their accommodation earlier will need to give a minimum notice of two (2) weeks. This does not apply if the school has issued official Confirmation of Study for a study visa.

2.7. There will not be any refunds for no-shows in cases where the stay is for two (2) weeks or less. A two (2) week cancellation fee charge will apply to no-shows for bookings longer than two (2) weeks.

2.8. We must receive written notice of cancellation between 9.00AM and 5.00PM on weekdays that are not public holidays in the UK and Ireland. Please note that all refunds are subject to a £100/€100 administration fee.

2.9. Homestay agencies that we work with are either in partnership with British Council (London) or MEI accredited (Dublin).

2.10. A flight transfer waiting time of 1.5 hours is included in the transfer price. If you do not contact the driver within 1.5 hours of the flight’s arrival time, the driver will leave the airport and any request for a further transfer will be charged at full rate. Waiting time starts from the flight arrival time. There are no refunds for Flight Transfers. Please read your Airport Transfer confirmation documents carefully before departure to the UK, as they include important arrival information.

2.11. All accommodation options have a minimum booking of two (2) weeks.

2.12. Check-in to the accommodation for Houseshare MUST take place between the hours of 10:00 and 22:00. Students who arrive later than this time will be given the option of staying in an alternate accommodation for the first night.

3. Data

3.1. As a part of the registration process we ask students to disclose to us all information required in order to assess our obligations and the student’s requirements regarding the provision of information to complete the enrolment.

3.2. When a student enrols we will require that student to produce all appropriate documentation, including passport copies, in order to verify the details submitted to register for the course.

3.3. We confirm that we will process the data we hold about students to provide the classes, and to arrange for any transport and accommodation that is required, and when processing the data we will abide by the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. This data is held electronically on a secure database.

3.4. Passport/ID Cards/Proof of Payment

3.4.1. All students are required to present their passport/ID card and proof of payment on their first day and the school will retain a copy.

3.5. Photography

3.5.1. Sometimes The English Studio or our representatives take photographs and videos during our courses which may be used for promotional purposes. Please advise us at the time of booking if you do not wish to appear in any promotional material.

4. Changes, Deferrals and Cancellations

4.1. Should a student change any of their course details, then we reserve the right to charge a £20/€20 administration charge.

4.2. Following commencement of their course, the student will not be eligible for a refund should they choose to change their course to a different timetable and/or course of a lesser price. Additionally, the student is liable to pay any difference should the rate of the chosen course be higher than the original payment made.

4.3. Students cannot receive money back (via refund) for a reduction in weekly study hours or by changing from a long-term to a short-term course.

4.4. Students not studying on a student visa may defer enrolment in the programme within one academic year, provided the school receives written notice at least two weeks prior to the student’s start date, and the student pays a €50 administrative fee.

4.5. In cases of deferral, any fees or deposits paid by the student will be carried forward to the following year. Should fees change between the date of deferment and the course commencement, the student must compensate the difference in the fees.

4.6. Course cancellations are only accepted up to two weeks prior to the arrival date. This does not apply if the school has issued official Confirmation of Study for a study visa.

4.7. Course cancellations and/or deferrals are not available for students studying on a student visa except in cases where the student visa decision is pending or on appeal. In such cases, the school can defer the enrolment until a final decision on the immigration status has been reached.

4.8. Students cannot transfer their enrolment, credit notes, or course to any third party.

4.9. Any credit notes held on student or agent accounts will be done so for a maximum of 12 months and will become void thereafter.

5. Refunds

5.1. Refunds are subject to approval by school management, and will not be considered if:

5.1.1. A student decides to withdraw or cancel his/her enrolment in such situations where less than two weeks’ written notice is given to the school (except in case of 1.6).

5.1.2. A student is refused entry at ports or if a student is asked to leave the country.

5.1.3. It is found that the student has engaged in any fraudulent practice in order to obtain the necessary documentation from the school to apply for a visa. In such cases, the school will inform the relevant immigration authorities, and the student will be asked to leave the course.

5.1.4. A student visa is refused due to documentation being different to that approved by The English Studio, or documentation that is out of date or fails to comply with visa requirements as stated at https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa (London) and http://www.inis.gov.ie/en/INIS/Pages/check-irish-visa (Dublin), respectively.

5.1.5. A student has already begun their course of study. In cases of visa renewals, it is the student’s responsibility to check with the relevant authorities that their visa application will be approved.

5.2. Refunds in cases of visa refusal will only be considered upon receipt of relevant official information, and upon completion of the refunds process. In cases where refunds can be granted, the student must fill out a Refund Request form [download here] detailing the amount of the refund [minus cancellation fee], the reason for their request, and their bank account details. This form must be submitted to refunds@englishstudio.com (London), or to info@englishstudio.com (Dublin)

5.2.1. Dublin refunds for Prior Visa students who got their Visa denied and their course fees are in the escrow account, will need to submit their refusal letter obtained from the Irish embassy. The refusal letter must be submitted to info@englishstudio.com. Refunds will be sent by the escrow account minus administration fee of €100. Official documents required for refunds procedure must include: Copy of visa refusal letter Copy of the student’s passport showing both the photograph and signature An original letter from the student authorising the repayment to the payer [when fees were not paid by the student] Please note that visa refusals for renewals/extensions in Dublin are not provided with this  documentation. In lieu of this, the student must then provide all of the following:

  • Updated passport copy showing lack of new stamp from the GNIB
  • Copy of flight tickets proving that the student will be leaving the country once their visa has expired
  • Return of all official school documentation (acceptance letter)

5.2.2. If a student’s visa is refused, the notification of the refusal must be submitted within 14 days from the date of refusal notification in order for the refund to be processed.

5.3. Following approval of a refund request, please note:

5.3.1. Refunds may take up to 60 days from the date when the requisite paperwork is complete.

5.3.2. The £40/€40 registration fee, as well as third party costs (if applicable) such as examination fees, medical insurance fees, and courier fees are non-refundable, except in the case of 1.6.

5.3.3. An administration fee of €100/£100 will be deducted from the amount of the refund, except in the case of 1.6.

5.3.4. Proof of transfer is available upon request.

5.4. If you have requested a refund and it is declined, and you are not satisfied with our decision, you can visit: englishuk.com/en/student/complaints (London), or contact MEI at the following email address: info@mei.ie (Dublin).

6. Studies

6.1. Students are entitled to:

6.1.1. A placement test & needs analysis

6.1.2. Orientation/induction for new students upon their arrival to the school. Dublin Orientation is held on Wednesdays at 12:30 in the Student Lounge. Orientation for London is held on Mondays and as such, students accept that they may not enter class on that day.

6.2. Please note that the general school rules applicable to all students are as follows:

6.2.1. Students should take all the necessary equipment for each class. This includes dictionaries, pens, paper, etc. Course books are sold to students for their class.

6.2.2. Students should complete all homework assignments given to them.

6.2.3. English is the only language which may be used in the classroom. Speaking other languages within class is forbidden and disruptive to teaching.

6.2.4. Students should turn off mobile phones before class starts.

6.2.5. Food and drinks are not allowed in the classrooms. Do not bring food and drinks into classrooms.

6.2.6. Honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility are expected from everyone at English Studio.

6.2.7. Students should be respectful at all times. Students who disrespect the teacher, other students, or school staff will be subject to a warning. Should a student receive 3 warnings, the student will be expelled from the college.

6.2.8. The Intellectual property pertaining to our course handouts and other teaching materials is owned by us and the students agree not to copy or reproduce the materials for commercial benefit. Students further agree not to access illegally copied and stored versions of any published material and to do so may put in jeopardy their place on the course.

6.2.9. Students must comply with reasonable requests made by our employees

6.3. Students whose course is not General English and for whom English is not a first language will be required to sit an English language test prior to commencement of their course.

6.3.1. Students whose level of English does not meet the required standard will be redirected to an English language programme appropriate to their English language standard.

6.3.2. Tuition fees for this additional English language tuition will be charged to the student. Upon successful completion of exams, student may be allowed to commence their original first choice programme, subject to availability.

6.4. Course commencement and start dates are subject to student numbers

6.4.1. The maximum class size is dependent on location: 22 students (London), 15 students (Dublin)

6.4.2. We reserve the right to change teachers, times of lessons and locations of courses and to combine classes if: Numbers for any particular class are low We have to attend to building or maintenance work A teacher is sick.

6.5. Each class (3.15 hours duration) is split into 2 blocks: 1h30 before the break (15 minutes), and 1h30 after the break. Breaks for evening classes (when available) and one-to-one classes may differ.

6.5.1. Please note that we enrol students every week, so the composition of each class changes from week to week.

6.5.2. If you are studying on a part-time basis, you must be aware that you are joining an existing full-time course. Our courses are designed around continuous enrolment and cater for both long-term and short-term students.

6.5.3. General English and Exam Preparation terms normally last 3 months. At the end of each term the student’s level and teacher may be changed.

6.6. Upon completion of their course the students may, on request, receive a certificate showing their attendance rate for that particular course.

6.7. We invite the students to share any comments or feedback. Students must raise any issues with us as and when they appear.

7. Student Complaint and Grievance Policy

7.1. The English Studio takes all complaints made against our services, staff, or facilities very seriously. Should you have any problems or complaints please speak to reception or our student support.

7.2. Should your complaint not be resolved by these parties, a further complaint can be made to the Director of Studies or/and College Director.

7.3. A formal complaints form can also be filled out and submitted to reception. Student complaint forms can be obtained from the school reception, and must be returned to reception.

7.4. Complaints

7.4.1. Those eligible to make complaints under this policy are people who are currently registered as students with The English Studio. A student is considered registered with the school from initial enrolment until receipt of final attendance certificate or exit letter (whichever is latest) and for a period of no more than 90 days following the latter.

7.4.2. Where a complaint relates to The English Studio’s actions in initiating or managing a collaborative relationship, the complaint will be considered by The English Studio.

7.4.3. Third party complaints are normally not accepted, but if a student is unable to raise a complaint on their own, they may authorise another individual to have access to personal information in order to pursue a complaint on their behalf.

7.4.4. Anonymous complaints will not be considered under this policy.

7.4.5. Students may make complaints jointly, if desired.

7.5. Complaints should be raised as soon as possible, normally within 15 working days of any problem becoming apparent. Discretion will be employed in the consideration of complaints beyond this time limit.

8. Visa Regulations for Irish Long-Term Student Visa

8.1. Medical Insurance

8.1.1. Medical insurances is mandatory for all international students by Irish law. Students must provide their insurance certificate when applying for their student visa, which must be written and English as per visa regulations, and provide coverage of up to €30,000.

8.1.2. Student may opt for the insurance policy provided by guard.me International Insurance through The English Studio, available at a discounted rate for the duration of one year, or they may choose another provider.

8.2. End-of-Programme Exam

8.2.1. It is the obligation of every student who studies at The English Studio to take an external exam and it is the obligation of The English Studio to enter all students for the exam. During initial student orientation, students sign an agreement stating that they understand that they must take an external exam at the end of their course.

8.2.2. All students must book their exam at least 10 weeks before their course is due to finish to ensure their place. This allows sufficient time for students to make arrangements as regards their commitments or notify us if the date does not suit them.

8.2.3. Students must book the date for their exam with the External Exam Coordinator at least 10 weeks before the end of their course: examcoordinator@englishstudio.com. Failure to do so may mean that the chosen date for their exam is no longer available.

8.2.4. All exams close 5 weeks before the exam date. Students cannot enrol in an exam after the closing date.

8.2.5. All exam and course fees must be paid in full before students book their exam.

8.2.6. Exam dates cannot be changed, nor can the exam be cancelled after the closing date.

8.2.7. Students must use their passport as ID for all exams, and must bring this with them at the time of booking, as well as taking the exam.

8.2.8. Students who fail to come to their exam cannot receive a certificate of completion from The English Studio.

8.2.9. External exam grades are communicated to The English Studio two to four weeks after the exam. All grades are recorded on our internal system, and are available upon request to the relevant students, INIS, or internal personnel.

8.2.10. In the event that no date is available for your preferred exam and you have booked within the indicated period, the exam coordinator will find an alternative exam.

8.2.11. Exam fees are non-refundable except in the following instance: You have attempted to book your exam within the indicated period AND There is no date available for your exam AND The exam coordinator is unable to provide a suitable alternative AND You can provide evidence of having booked and paid for an exam yourself, for example in your home country.

8.3. The English Studio Dublin is a member of Marketing English in Ireland (MEI). All MEI member schools espouse Learner Protection, thereby being able to guarantee students that they will be able to complete all language courses for which they are enrolled. Full confirmation can be found on Learner Protection Policy (PDF | 480.00). Please see the MEI website for further information.

9. Attendance and Punctuality

9.1. In accordance with UK and Irish immigration regulations, all students enrolled on a visa in the name of the school must complete their course with a minimum attendance of 85%. If a student’s attendance falls below 85%, then we may move that student to another class.

9.2. All attendances are recorded daily in two blocks of (1hr30) in each 3-hour session. All students must be present for the entire 1hr30 block to accrue attendance.

9.2.1. All students must enter the classroom within 5 minutes of the class start time. Any student who arrives more than 5 minutes late will not be allowed to join the class and will not accrue attendance for that block. Students who leave more than 5 minutes before the scheduled finish time will not accrue attendance.

9.3. Students whose attendance falls below the minimum 85% will receive the following low attendance notifications:

9.3.1. If the student’s attendance falls below 75% during the first 6 weeks of their course, students will be notified via email that they will be at risk of being reported to immigration. Students who get 25% of uncertified absences in their first 6 weeks will be reported to UK and Irish immigration.

9.3.2. If the student’s attendance falls below 85% after the first 6 weeks of their course, students will be notified via email that they need to improve their attendance, and reminding them that their minimum attendance should be 85%.

9.4. Students who do not make up attendance to a minimum of 85% before the end of their course are not meeting the attendance requirements. Students cannot make up for absences by attending extra classes, either during or after the end of their course.

9.5. In the event that a student is unable to attend their class for any reason, written confirmation giving reason for non-attendance is required and should be given to the administration at reception at the student’s earliest opportunity. This requirement is mandatory for students in order to comply with both The English Studio and immigration regulations.

9.6. Students who are absent due to illness must inform the school on the first day of their absence either via email or phone call. Students must inform the school daily of their condition and upon returning to classes must bring a medical certificate or doctor’s note. In failing to provide either of these, the student will not receive justified absence/s and can be expelled as per the Expulsion policy.

9.7. Students absent for 10 consecutive days without approval or medical certificates to support their absence are at risk of being expelled.

9.8. Absence due to medical reasons are not compensated by The English Studio by way of refund, credit or additional course(s)/lessons. Students are advised to refer to their individual insurance policy to obtain compensation for missed services. The English Studio can provide written confirmation of absence which, together with doctors notes, can be used for the purposes of an insurance claim.

10. Expulsion Policy

10.1. Students whose attendance falls under 60% over the duration of the course are subject to being expelled.

10.1.1. Students will receive their first notification when attendance falls below 85% and a second notification when attendance falls below 75%. They will receive a final warning when their attendance falls below 60%. Upon falling below 60%, the student will be notified of their expulsion from the school and consequently their attendance will be communicated to the relevant immigration authorities.

10.2. Expulsion for reasons of misconduct should be a proportionate response to the student’s behaviour. Expulsion of a student is a very serious step, and one that is only taken by the Director of Studies in extreme cases of unacceptable behaviour. The school must previously take significant steps to address the misbehaviour and to avoid expulsion of a student including, as appropriate: Meeting with the student to try to find ways of helping the student to change their behaviour. Making sure that the student understands the possible consequences of their behaviour, if it should persist. Ensuring that all other options have been tried

10.2.2. We reserve the right to cancel a student’s enrolment in the event of conduct of behaviour which in our opinion diminishes (or may diminish) the reputation of this school even if such conduct is not in breach of these terms and conditions. The School’s decision is final. A proposal to expel a student requires serious grounds such as: The student’s behaviour is a persistent cause of significant disruption to the learning of others or to the teaching process. The student’s continued presence in the school constitutes a real and significant threat to safety. The student is responsible for serious damage to property. Students subject to expulsion though non-compliance with attendance, misconduct or otherwise will receive no reimbursement for any loss of tuition fees

11. Student Holidays and Breaks

11.1. The school is closed for bank holidays and we will not extend courses to compensate. Students do not lose attendance on these days.

11.1.1. Dublin Bank Holidays: 1 January 2019; 18 March 2019; 22 April 2019; 6 May 2019; 3 June 2019; 5 August 2019; 28 October 2019 1 January, 2020; 17 March 2020; 13 April 2020; 4 May 2020; 1 June 2020, 3 August 2020; 26 October 2020; 25 December 2020; 26 December

11.1.2. London bank Holidays: 1 January 2019; 19 April 2019; 22nd April 2019; 6 May 2019; 27 May 2019; 26 August 2019; ; 25 December 2019; 26 December 2019 1 January 2020; 10 April 2020; 13 April 2020; 8 May 2020; 25 May 2020; 31 August 2020; 25 December 2020; 28 December 2020

11.2. Both schools will be closed for Christmas, week commencing 23rd December (23rd – 27th December 2019). Both schools will be closed for New Years Day, 1st January 2020 ONLY (open 30th and 31st December 2019 & 2nd – 3rd January 2020).

11.3. Absence from school during time taken off as holiday entitlement will not affect a student’s attendance record.

11.4. Holidays must be taken during the period of tuition

11.5. Holidays cannot be changed once scheduled.

11.6. Once a student has started their course, the course cannot be stopped or postponed.

11.7. London Holiday Entitlement:

11.7.1. The number of weeks permitted for students on a student visa are dependent on the length of the student’s course: 1 to 7 weeks – no holiday entitlement 8 to 12 weeks – 1 week holiday 13 to 17 weeks – 2 weeks holiday 18 to 23 weeks – 3 weeks holiday 24 to 29 weeks – 4 weeks holiday 30 to 35 weeks – 5 weeks holiday 36 to 39 weeks – 6 weeks holiday In excess of 40 weeks – 8 weeks holiday

11.7.2. Holidays taken will not be added to the end of your course.

11.7.3. Holidays must be requested from Student Support team, in person, at least two full week in advance.

11.8. Dublin Holiday Entitlement

11.8.1. Holidays for short-term courses must be requested from Student Support at least one full week in advance.

11.8.2. Students on academic year (25 weeks) courses are entitled to 8 weeks of holidays. Holidays for academic year courses are granted and scheduled in the first two weeks of course commencement. Four weeks of holidays must be taken on completion of tuition. Students are entitled to 4 weeks of holidays after completing 3 months of studies or more. No student will be able to take uncertified breaks or holidays outside the agreed time.

12. Disability Policy

12.1. The English Studio does not discriminate against anyone in terms of any physical or learning disability. The school makes enquiries during the booking process regarding students’ physical or learning difficulties and any other health issues. If students reveal any of these issues during the booking process they are made aware of the limitations to what can be provided due to the nature of the building and the resources at the school’s disposal as follows:

12.1.1. All students must be able to negotiate stairs unaided. There are no lifts in the buildings and students may need to walk up to 5 flights of stairs

12.1.2. We do not currently have any provision for students with hearing disabilities in terms of induction loops.

12.1.3. Materials can be amended to aid students with visual impairment to a certain extent though students would still need to be able to negotiate the building unaided. Guide dogs are admitted.

12.1.4. Students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyspraxia are admitted. Teachers who have these students are made aware that they are joining the class and provided with support on how best to teach students with these difficulties.

12.1.5. If students reveal any health issues which may impede their performance on the course or their ability to complete the course we will make them aware of our attendance and refund policy.

12.1.6. Any information is stored on the student record and academic managers make teachers aware of any students joining their class with physical or learning difficulties or any relevant health issues. All staff are trained to deal with this information sensitively and confidentially.

13. Liability

13.1. Save for death or personal injury caused by our negligence we exclude to the extent permitted by law all conditions, warranties, and other terms which might be implied by statute, common law or equity any liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind, howsoever arising and whether caused by tort (including our negligence), breach of contract or otherwise even if such loss is foreseeable.

13.2. The provisions of section 11 do not extend to any liability to students arising out of any fraudulent misrepresentation made by us or our employees or agents.

13.3. Subject to the provisions of section 11, all activity undertaken by a student is strictly at the student’s own risk, and we take no responsibility. This includes any activities where our employee is present as a guide or facilitator.

13.4. It remains each student’s responsibility to safeguard their property and consider whether insurance is required.

13.5. We shall take all responsible steps to fulfil student expectations regarding the course but we do reserve the right to alter services to at least equivalent standard at no additional cost.

13.6. While we take all reasonable steps to ensure the information contained in our brochures and website is accurate, we reserve the right to alter this, substitute, or withdraw any amenity without further notice.

13.7. Should any of the following events occur, then we will not be liable to provide further services:

13.7.1. Strikes

13.7.2. Industrial Action

13.7.3. Fire

13.7.4. Civil unrest

13.7.5. Acts of God

13.7.6. Legal action

13.7.7. Withdrawal of regulatory consents

13.8. No variation to these terms will be binding unless the variation is recorded in writing and signed by us and the student

13.9. These terms of business represent the entire agreement reached by the parties and excluding any fraudulent misrepresentation, no other statement whether oral or in writing, will be regarded as a contractual term of these terms of business.

14. Emergency Procedures

14.1. In case of an accident or injury in the school, please contact the first aid officer/s:

14.1.1. Dublin First Aid Officers: Paula Castro, Danny McNeive, Jennifer Dick, Jamie Hermann and Mara Toranza

14.1.2. London First Aid Officers: James Birrell, Will Tichener, Arianna Pedrini

14.2. For emergency after school hours, please contact:

14.2.1. Dublin Emergency Contact: John Carr (Manager On-Call) Email: john.carr@englishstudio.com Phone: +353 861 452 904

14.2.2. London Emergency Contact: James Birrell (Manager On-Call) Email: james.birrell@englishstudio.com Phone: +44 (0) 737 642 8374