Here at The English Studio we pride ourselves on the ability to offer the highest quality courses delivering the best possible value whilst teaching in the most exciting destinations.

Our Students - General EnglishMore than 24 years of The English Studio has taught us that for our students it’s not just about the destination, it’s about the culture, the journey and the experience. We focus on those three key areas to ensure our students not only receive the best possible service but also achieve and in most cases surpass their academic goals in a fun and progressive environment.

Our schools were founded and thrive on a diverse mix of international students that fill our classrooms and social events. It’s you, as students in your thousands that allow us to drive down price whilst building and developing a global network of friends. Enrolling at one of our schools isn’t just a study abroad programme, it’s an open door to endless opportunities academically, professionally and socially.

As a prospective student your journey starts right here. This is the first step into The English Studio culture and the start of experiences that will shape your future. Come and join our community, we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

About Us
Everyone wants an exciting, brighter future. So whether you want to learn English for Higher Education, a successful career or better social skills, we can help you get there. At The English Studio we go further, not just giving you language skills but giving you a language for life.

English Studio Students in London

Of course, you’ll be tutored by friendly, qualified English language teachers. You’ll experience the buzz of learning in the centre of some of the world’s most exciting cities. And you’ll make friends with like-minded people from all over the world who are committed – like you – to learning English the right way.

However, with The English Studio you can expect more. We’ll go beyond your expectations and work with you to understand your ambitions and aspirations – the real reasons why you’re dedicated to learning. Whether that’s helping to write your CV, applying for Higher Education or even finding a job – we’re here to support you in a life-changing way.

Our Values
We have three values that are central to the way we run our schools –

1. Supportive
We’re here for you, to help you achieve a brighter future. Not just while you’re in the classroom but for your life beyond as well.

2. Connected
Learn English with us and we’ll take you on an exciting and fun journey, and make you feel part of our global family.

3. Motivated
Learning is a team effort, and we ensure your lessons are challenging and engaging. Work hard and we’ll help you achieve your ambitions.

Our Team
Both our teaching staff and our student support team have years of experience in teaching English. Take a look at how you will learn English with us.

Our memberships and accreditations