Learning English

At English Studio we have been teaching English since 1997 so you can rely on us to provide the right level of tuition for your needs. We’ll help you learn English in a friendly, structured way and make sure you progress at the right pace.

Our Learning English Promise

We offer a 10 step learning promise to help you learn English:

1. We believe learning English should be fun. That’s why all our lessons are interactive and dynamic
2. Each week, you’ll study English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation
3. You’ll also practise reading, writing, listening and speaking skills
4. We’ll tell you what you’re going to learn at the start of each class
5. We’ll always teach you English words and phrases that are useful in real life
6. We’ll give you homework several times a week and correct it
7. We’ll correct your spoken and written mistakes
8. We’ll give you regular tests on what you’ve learned
9. We’ll answer any questions you have and give you individual help
10. We’ll choose materials from lots of different books and resources to keep things interesting

Finding the right level for you

Once you’ve booked your English course we’ll do a simple assessment of your language levels. This is very important as it helps us make sure we select the perfect class for you – one with students at the same level.

This ensures that our English classes aren’t too difficult or too easy. Importantly, each course has been expertly tailored for students at that level. Our qualified and expert teachers will help you to achieve your objectives in English as quickly as possible.

Your Progression

As you learn English you can move up to different class to make sure that you’re always at the right level.

Every month you will receive a progress report detailing how your English has improved. We monitor your progress using regular progress testing so you can see just how much better you’re getting and identify the areas you need to work on. Whatever your level we’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

Finishing Your English Course

When you’ve successfully completed your English course, we will present you with your own English Studio certificate. It shows the length of your course and the level you’ve achieved. And just how far you’ve come. Congratulations!

We can also prepare you for the valuable IELTS exam. If you are successful you will get a certificate which is recognised by companies and universities all over the world. Take a look at our IELTS Preparation courses or contact us for more information.

Learning English outside the classroom

You don’t have to stop just because class is over. We have study areas especially for you with books, computers, broadband and films to borrow so you can keep on learning English outside of class.

Self-study skills

To really help yourself improve try working on the following learning areas:

Listening and pronunciation – watch films in English, go on one of our social events, meet with friends, it’s up to you but make sure you do as much as you can;
Reading English – use our simplified and authentic material to help improve your skills;
Grammar and vocabulary – practise with written and computer exercises using special software;
Exam practice – work through past papers, Interactive software and internet site;
Exploring – use our guides, directories and maps to travel round your city – and practise your skills among the locals.

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