Clubs for Students

The English Studio experience goes far beyond the classroom. We want to ensure we are providing as much practical support for students as possible. Additional clubs are a great way to build on the learning experiences, everyone’s invited to come and join us at any of these three popular sessions. 

Techniques Masterclass

The intention of this club is to improve verbal language skills and turn them into speaking tools to impress any recruiter looking for talent.

We focus on all techniques; from traditional to situational interviews, working on both fluency and accurate language production to enhance success. A core club focus will be developing the ability to explain existing skills, qualities and experience in a high-pressure environment.

Pronunciation Workshop

Introducing great ways to grow confidence speaking English, soften the accent, speak more clearly and be easily understood.

This club will help develop listening skills and fine tune a more effective communicator.

We will cover the individual sounds of English and the other features of pronunciation, such as intonation and sentence stress.

CV Clinic

Designed to provide writing tools to be confident in producing and editing a CV.

We look at which style of CV best fits each student’s professional profile. How to decode job adverts and match the student’s CV to the employer’s requirements.

The successful use of language that will persuade and convince employers they are looking at the right candidate for the job.

All Clubs Are

  • 1 hour sessions
  • Every week
  • Available in London
  • Included in course fees

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