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Teaching English is a delicate balance of skill, intuition, careful planning and empathy. It requires patient, smart and qualified people to do it well. And these are the type of people that will teach you at The English Studio.

Here to Help You

Simply put, our teachers love teaching English. It’s incredibly rewarding for them when our students succeed.

We want you to have a great time learning English with us so we make sure we select teachers who are friendly, engaging, and always focus on your progress.

Importantly, The English Studio has a strict safer-recruitment policy so you can be sure that our teachers meet all the requirements for working on adult and young learner courses. Usually, the qualifications for English teachers include a degree-level education and recognised credentials as an English teacher. Awarding bodies for teaching certificates include Cambridge Assessment English, part of the University of Cambridge, or Trinity College London.

Our English teachers come from all walks of life and are often well-travelled. They have experience in a range of areas including Business, Law, and Higher Education. In our professional develpment sessions, we encourage our English teachers to be creative and inspiring. We design our carefully-planned courses to help you make maximum progress during your English lessons.

Our excellent English teachers don’t just stand in front of the class. They take time to understand your level and your goals and talk to you individually. Person-to-person because individual attention in a group dynamic leads to success. In practise, we’ve found it’s the most effective way to learn English.

Our teachers combine their skills with the latest resources and teaching technology. Classroom resources include interactive flat-screens and traditional materials, so you’re assured of a memorable learning English experience.

I’m on the academic team at The English Studio and it’s a really fulfilling job. The dedicated staff are great, and I love working in central London, but the best thing about it for me is meeting people from all over the world and helping our wonderful students achieve their goals.

Ben Bedford

I’ve been working at The English Studio for just over two years, and I really enjoy working at such a dynamic and friendly school. I’ve always had a keen interest in learning languages and decided to become a teacher to do something that was rewarding and never monotonous.

Laura Jones

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