Pre Arrival Information for Students

The English Studio in London

Many thanks for choosing The English Studio for your English course. In order to help you prepare for your first day of class we recommend you read the following information and return to this page if you have any questions before you arrive at school.

If you cannot find the information you need here, please contact us by email to [email protected] or call the school on +44 (0)20 7404 9759.

Before You Arrive
To make your First Day of Class at school simple and smooth please make sure you have done the following  before you arrive .

Passport and Emergency Contact Details
Send us a copy of your Passport or National Identity Card (EU students only) and Emergency contact details (someone whom we can contact in case of an emergency while you are at the school) to [email protected].

Visa Students
If you need a visa to enter and/or study in the UK please email us a copy of your visa when you receive it. Email [email protected] if you need a visa application support letter from The English Studio.

Online Placement Test
Complete the online placement test (see below for more information).

If you have booked accommodation with The English Studio please send us your flight and visa details (if required) in order for us to confirm your booking. Email this information, with your  Student ID  from The English Studio in the subject line, to [email protected]. Your Student ID can be found on your booking confirmation.

If you would like to book an airport transfer email your details to [email protected] and we will be happy to organise this for you.

Transfers Price List

Placement Test
Placement Test Reminder

Before you start your course, you need to complete an online placement test.

We ask that you do it at least  one week before  your arrival at school so that we can ensure you are placed in the right class for your level when you start your course. We need you to complete this test even if you have previously studied at The English Studio.

Take the Placement Test
  • The test should be completed at least 1 week before your course start date.
  • You should complete test without any assistance from another person, or looking up information on a website or in a dictionary.

Arriving in the UK

If you are not already in UK, when you arrive to start your course you will pass through the UK border at the airport, port or train station.

For non-EU/EEA nationals when you arrive at Passport Control you should expect the Border Force officers to ask you some simple questions about your stay and your studies in the UK.

To ensure you able to enter the UK as quickly and smoothly as possible please make sure you:

  1. Have your Passport/National Identity Card (EU nationals) ready and remove it from any cover
  2. Have completed a landing card (if a non-EEA national)
  3. Have details of your course and  confirmation documents  ready
  4. Tell the immigration officer that you are coming to the UK to study English
  5. Keep any medical documentation, recent bank statements and details of where you are staying in your hand luggage (the Border Force may ask to see this information)
  6. Do not give false or misleading information (including forged or counterfeit documents)
  7. If you don’t need to apply for a Visa in advance, please make sure that the stamp you receive on your Visa is a  Student Visitor Visa 

Please have information about your course, your confirmation documents and details of where you are staying in your hand luggage and do not travel with them in your airplane hold luggage.

Customs Restrictions

There are restrictions on what you can bring into the U.K. These include:

  • Certain foods, plants, alcohol, tobacco, gifts and sums of money equivalent to $10,000 or more.
  • Do not bring in endangered plants or animals, this includes ivory, skins, hides and shells and any products made from them.
  • Never bring in counterfeit goods, illegal drugs, offensive weapons or indecent or obscene material. Some items are restricted and will require a licence or permit.

For more information on these restrictions please read the UK Government’s Travelling to the UK advice.

Your First Day of Class
On the first day of your course please come to Reception on the 1st Floor of the school on High Holborn. You can plan your journey to school on Google Maps or the Transport for London website.

 IMPORTANT  Bring your Passport or National Identity Card with you to school on your first day. We must check and copy your passport or ID card before you begin your course.

Arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of your class on your first day.

Morning courses – 8:00
Midday courses – 11:30
Afternoon courses – 14:50

You will need to

  • Finalise your booking
  • Check-in with aur Academic Manager to receive details of your classes
  • Attend a short School Induction session

Your first class will begin at
Morning courses – 9:00
Midday courses – 12:00
Afternoon courses – 15:20

Remember our staff and teachers are here to help, so if you need anything on your first day or at any time, please speak with any member of staff.

Course Books
If you have already paid for your course book, please go to your class on your first Day to check that the English level is right for you. You can then collect your book from reception before class on your second day.

If you have not yet paid for your course book you will need to do so before you can start class on your second day.

How to find us
113 High Holborn, Holborn House, London, WC1V 6JQ

You can plan your journey to school on Google Maps or the Transport for London website.

The closest Underground (Tube) Station to the school is  Holborn   on the Central and Piccadilly lines. The station is opposite the school on High Holborn.

London Transport Student Discount
The 18+ Student Oyster Photocard entitles you to 30% discount on any Transport for London services.

 This is only available for students attending school for 14 or more weeks on a full-time course. 

To apply online you will need

  • Your Student ID number from The English Studio (ST-######)
  • A digital colour photo to upload
  • Your debit/credit card (a £20 non-refundable payment is required to apply)
  • Your course start date and end date
  • An active email address
  • Your address in London.  You cannot use the school address 
Apply online

Our Student Support Team
Our Student Support team in reception are here to give you a warm welcome on your first day, and every day of your course!

All our staff and teachers are here to help you in every possible way, so if you need anything on your first day or at any time, please speak with any member of staff.

We have a notice board in reception with photos of all our staff. Below are the members of our team who will welcome you on your first day.

Ellie FordhamStudent Services
Gennifer BecouarnStudent Services
David LorenzoSales Executive
Irene GonzalezSales Executive
Paulo TomaoSales Executive
Ray WalkerAcademic Manager

School Opening Times
The school reception is open Monday from 8:00 to 17:30 to welcome new students on their first day (see First Day of Class section above).

The reception is open from Tuesday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:30.

Reception is closed on Public Holidays (see below for details).

UK Public (Bank) Holidays in 2019 & 2020
If your course starts on a week where Monday is a UK Public (Bank) Holiday,  your first day at school will be Tuesday of the same week .

The reception is open from Tuesday to Friday from 08:30 to 17:30.

Date Public Holiday Day
1st January 2019 New Year’s Day Tuesday
19th April 2019 Good Friday Friday
22nd April 2019 Easter Monday Monday
6th May 2019 Early May Bank Holiday (May Day) Monday
27th May 2019 Spring Bank Holiday Monday
26th August 2019 August Bank Holiday Monday
25th December 2019 Christmas Day Wednesday
26th December 2019 Boxing Day Thursday
1st January 2019 New Year’s Day Wednesday
 There are no refunds on weeks with Bank Holidays, and lessons cannot be made up at a later date. 

Please see The English Studio’s Terms & Conditions for more information.

Terms & Conditions

Student Attendance
We have a clear attendance policy for all students to adhere to.

  • We expect all students to maintain an attendance rate of at least 85% or above
  • All students should attend their scheduled classes in the morning and/or afternoon
  • All students should be on time for their class; lateness to class is not tolerated
  • Students will not be allowed into class if they arrive 20 minutes after class has started (you must wait until after the break and then join then)
  • All students should inform the school by telephone, email or by coming to speak with a member of the Student Services team in the Reception if they are sick and need to miss class
  • All student holidays must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance and in accordance with the school’s Holiday Policy.
  • If you are away from class because of sickness or have a medical appointment, you must bring a medical certificate when you come back to school
  • If you fail to maintain at least an 85% attendance rate you may not receive your school certificate at the end of your course

Visit the Policies page on our website to review the full Attendance Policy and our other policy documents.


Useful Information
School Contact Details

Address – 113 High Holborn, Holborn House, London, WC1V 6JQ
Email (for general information) – [email protected]
Phone – +44 (0) 207 404 9759
Emergency phone – +44 (0) 7538785736  (outside school opening hours only) 

Money in the UK

You may find a big difference between the price of items in the UK compared to your own country.

The currency is the UK is GBP or Great British Pounds, shown with the symbol £.
100 pence (p) = 1 pound (£)
There are 8 coins and 4 notes

  • Coins – 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2
  • Notes – £5, £10, £20 and £50
GBP Coins
GBP Notes

Banks and Card machines

There are many cash points (ATM) around Holborn and close to the school.

Post Office

The closest post office is located at 181 High Holborn, London, WC1X 0DU. This is about 7 minutes’ walk from the school.
Open – Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 (Tuesdays open from 9:30).

Phone and Mobiles

The U.K international dialling code is +44 or 0044

We have free SIM cards available at the reception. You will need to visit Bridges – next to Holborn Station – to top-up the SIM Card.


The closest pharmacy is located inside Superdrug (opposite the High Holborn school building). There is also a pharmacy located inside Boots (2 minutes walk from the school).


We have computers accessible to students in our Student Room in the Holborn Building. Please ask in Reception for login details when you arrive.

The is Wi-Fi interest access available in both school buildings. You will receive access details on your first day which are also posted around the school.

Water Machines

We have several water machines located in both buildings. They supply cold, boiling and sparkling water.

Please bring your own bottle to school with you, we do not supply glasses or cups to students or visitors.

Shops and Restaurants

Most of the shops around High Holborn are open from 8:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday, times vary on Saturday and Sunday.

There are many cafés, coffee shops and restaurants close to the school. There is also a well-stocked supermarket across the road from the school where you can pick up light refreshments and snacks in between classes.