Course Overview

This course is best for:

  • Improving your English quickly
  • Students with limited time in the UK or Ireland
  • Choose either 25* or 30 hours per week

The fast-track to improve your English

Our Intensive English courses will quickly help your progress in communicating easily and confidently in English.

Available for all English levels from complete beginner through to advanced, our Intensive English courses will help you learn English quickly and improve your level.

The fast-track – ideal if you have limited time to study abroad ar need to make quick progress.
Innovative and interactive teaching – designed with your personal progress in mind the course uses textbooks, videos, and group activities.
Learn at your pace – benefit from our regular progression testing and an individual learning plan from your teacher.
Accredited courses – our courses are accredited by the British Council (in London) and ACELS (in Dublin) providing high quality instruction from our helpful and friendly teachers.
Course options

Choose to learn English with 25* or 30 hours of classes per week in London or 30 hours per week in Dublin. Select the school below for more details.

With our 25 and 30 hour per week Intensive English courses, you will study 10 or 15 hours a week in our elective classes as well as 15 hours of General English lessons.

Our elective classes aim to improve your fluency and confidence as well as your ability using English socially and professionally. You can choose from the following electives+:

  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • Project Based English
  • Professional English
On our 30 hour per week Intensive English course in Dublin you will receive 6 hours of General English lessons each day, with 3 hours in the morning session, and the 3 hours in the afternoon.
Affordable English courses

We think we offer the best value English language courses in London and Dublin. Take a look at our prices below and see how much you could save by booking your course with us.

If you have any questions about our Intensive English courses or would like a quote please contact us or book your English course online.

Course timetable

Intensive English course

+  Example course timetable, please note that daily elective hours are scheduled between 12:05 – 15:15, dependent on term and the student’s English level.

* 25 hour course available in London only.

Why Pay More?

Course Name English Studio Price
Intensive English 25 hours per week £285
Intensive English 30 hours per week £305
Course Name English Studio Price
Intensive English 30 hours per week €290
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Customer Testimonials

  • “I chose this course because I wanted to improve my writing and my friends told me this school has the best teachers.”

    Hassan - Pakistan

  • “I chose The English Studio because it is very affordable and I am very happy with the timetable.”

    Sae Morio - Japan

Our Teachers

Teaching English is a delicate balance of skill, intuition, careful planning and empathy. It requires patient, smart and experienced people to do it well. And these are the type of people that will teach you at The English Studio.

Teacher Biographies

  • “ I’ve been teaching at The English Studio for three years and it’s been a great experience. The dedicated staff are great, and I love working in Central London, but the best thing about it for me is meeting and working with the students. ”

    - Alexis Joshua

  • “ I’ve been working at The English Studio for just over two years, and I really enjoy working at such a dynamic and friendly school. I’ve always had a keen interest in learning languages and decided to become a teacher to do something that was rewarding and never monotonous. ”

    - Laura Jones

Our Teachers

Courses at The English Studio

Our courses are based on practical English that you can use everyday. Conversation and speaking are the focus with lots of grammar & writing practice. When you study with us we give you a language for life.

Courses at The English Studio