London on a £123 budget guide

It is nothing new that we offer the most competitive prices among language schools in Central London. If you’re not convinced yet, we want to show you.

If you compare our prices with our main competitors, you will find out that the difference between our General English 15h for 1 week and their equivalent can be up to £123. That’s right: by registering at The English Studio, you could be saving £123 or even more! That is quite a lot! And there is so much you can do in London with these £123!

London is a city which caters for all tastes. With that thought in mind, we have carefully prepared a guide featuring a day full of activities you can enjoy with all that money you will save.

As we have students from all over the world, the guide is personalised for 5 different personality types: theUrban Explorer, the Sophisticated Traveller, the X-Factor Contestant, the Adventure Addict, and theGlamorous Traveller. Download the guide here and let us know which one you most identify with.

Enjoy our handpicked suggestions!

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