5 Ways To Improve Your English Speaking with IELTS

How to Improve English Speaking with IETLS

It’s very common to feel worried and slightly self-conscious while learning a new language. You’re having to process what is being heard in your native language then translate it into your head to then say it within conversation. The question most learners ask is how to improve English Speaking with IETLS Preparation

Also,  you may have to understand what’s being said (with the added difficulty that English is not pronounced as it is written). Translate what’s been heard in your head somehow think about the response and translate it back. 

It’s going to be difficult for anyone having to do this, so please don’t worry. It’s going to be a challenging process but also extremely exciting which presents so many opportunities. 

Speaking in a foreign language is going to be a difficult process, such as learning English in your situation. It requires regular self-learning to increase your comfort level when speaking and writing in English. 

Many students at The English Studio have been quite nervous about their IELTS test. This is normal for anyone, but we sympathise with everyone because we can tell how important it is. 

Below, we’ve put together 5 effective strategies to improve your English Speaking skills to make you pass your IELTS test with flying colours.

Improve by making English Speaking Your New Norm!

Immerse yourself in English in your daily tasks and routine as best as you can. To put it simply, in order to learn English you’ll need to speak it every day to improve your speaking skills. 

Whether it’s going to watch a film at the local cinema or listening to songs on the radio. You will need to become fully engrossed in the English language to see notable improvements in your speaking skills.

In the evening, relax with a new or some of your favourite TV series and if needed, use subtitles where necessary so that you can learn how some words are not only spoken but written. 

You can also watch movies you already know in your native language, then watch it with English subtitles first. Once you’ve done this once, try swapping the order.

A Helpful tip from us is to check the pronunciation first otherwise you may end up hearing the wrong pronunciation which will take a while to get rid of!

Once you’ve nailed the pronunciation, try writing it down as this can help the words to stick in your mind easier and longer. 

By doing this, you will increase your bank of English words, learn new idioms, slang and how to pronounce them correctly. Learn more from our previous students who’ve successfully passed their IELTS qualification

By reading and watching our videos, you can see how all of our students had the same reservations when learning English but soon became more confident by learning and practising.

Improve English Speaking by Thinking and Speaking

A common but incorrect way of learning English by non-native speakers is translating words in your head into your native language and then speaking in English. 

You’d be surprised to learn that this makes learning English difficult because it can prevent you from having a free- flowing conversation with an English speaker. 

You may realise you’re having to process things more which is impacting your ability to hold conversations which may make you feel frustrated.

A solution to this is pretty simple: think and speak in English

Get into the habit of thinking in English and speaking the words that come to your head. This could be when you’re watching a TV series or reading a blog. Say it out loudly to improve your understanding of the English Language. 

Speak to Your English Friends

This is going to be one of the most productive ways to learn English. To become familiar with the English language, then you’re going to need to have more conversations with English people. 

Consistently having these conversations will build your confidence and improve your preparation for IETLS. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed with speaking English for long periods of time, but continuously doing so will make you feel less worried. 

Seize the opportunity to speak to English people when you can, whether it’s a quick chat whilst you’re getting a coffee or when you’re out shopping. These spontaneous conversations will support your learning and development. 

Casually speaking to English people may not be for everyone, your personality is different from the next person. A personal tutor would help if you’re struggling to do this as it’s not going to be easy straightaway which may leave you feeling frustrated. 

Improve English Speaking with IETLS by Focusing on Fluency 

Speaking English and practising the words are good starts. But you also want to make sure the words flow off your tongue!

Push yourself to your limits by timing yourself how long you can speak English without stopping. To do this, you can read out loud your favourite books to make it more fun and enjoyable. Start off slowly, timing yourself for 30 seconds and then go from there.

During the beginning, you may naturally stutter whilst speaking English which is understandable, but try to count how many times you do this and then slowly reduce it the longer you speak. 

This is a great way for you to learn and progress. 

Record Yourself Speaking English

Lastly, the best way to prepare for your IELTS is to start recording yourself. It may be difficult to listen to your voice over and over again, but this will set you up for success and put you on the right path to becoming fluent in English. 

Record yourself talking about your day, what you did and how it made you feel. Becoming familiar with speaking out loud and in front of a friend can help you in social situations too. 

Still, Need Help Preparing for IELTS?

If you’re interested in more guidance and advice with your IELTS preparation, why not try our engaging IELTS preparation course.

Within this course, you will gain confidence with speaking English quickly, be able to learn at your own pace and with engaging teaching methods. You will see a notable difference in Speaking, Writing, Reading English at our Accredited English School in London. You can learn more tips to improve your speaking from other onlines resources

To the many student who are still thinking about how to Improve English Speaking with IETLS, take the next step towards your IELTS success with us today!

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