Course Overview

This course is best for:

  • Improving your key academic skills for IELTS exam
  • Essential for gaining access to UK and Irish universities
  • Study in the morning, at lunchtime or in the afternoon

Do you need to pass the IELTS exam?

The IELTS exam preparation course has helped hundreds of students achieve the IELTS score they needed to gain access to university courses in the UK and Ireland.

For students with an intermediate or advanced level of English, the IELTS exam preparation course is designed to improve the key academic English skills you need to succeed in the exam and to walk away with a respected qualification.

Improve key English skills – the course focuses on developing your academic reading and writing skills and increasing your confidence.
Gain practical experience – enhance your practical presentation skills, with special emphasis on spoken accuracy and fluency.
Flexible timetable to fit your schedule – choose to study in the morning or afternoon for as many weeks as you need.
Accredited courses – our IELTS exam preparation course is accredited by the British Council (in London) providing high quality instruction from our helpful and friendly teachers.
Entry requirements

You will need to demonstrate at least an intermediate level (B1) of English to join our IELTS exam preparation course.

Don’t have an intermediate level? You can join a General or Intensive English course to improve your level and then begin the IELTS preparation course in the future. We have helped many students progress and can find the right course for you to reach the level you need.

Please contact us to request the pre-test before booking your course.

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Course timetable


Why Pay More?

Course Name English Studio Price
IELTS Exam Preparation 15 hours per week £175
Course Name English Studio Price
IELTS Exam Preparation 15 hours per week €150
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Customer Testimonials

  • “I chose this course because I wanted to improve my writing and my friends told me this school has the best teachers.”

    Hassan - Pakistan

  • “I’ve been here for almost 2 months and I feel like I’ve already really improved my speaking.”

    Emel Chettouf - France

Our Teachers

Teaching English is a delicate balance of skill, intuition, careful planning and empathy. It requires patient, smart and experienced people to do it well. And these are the type of people that will teach you at The English Studio.

Teacher Biographies

  • “ I’ve been teaching at The English Studio for three years and it’s been a great experience. The dedicated staff are great, and I love working in Central London, but the best thing about it for me is meeting and working with the students. ”

    - Alexis Joshua

  • “ I’ve been working at The English Studio for just over two years, and I really enjoy working at such a dynamic and friendly school. I’ve always had a keen interest in learning languages and decided to become a teacher to do something that was rewarding and never monotonous. ”

    - Laura Jones

Our Teachers

Courses at The English Studio

Our courses are based on practical English that you can use everyday. Conversation and speaking are the focus with lots of grammar & writing practice. When you study with us we give you a language for life.

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