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Interview: Tatiana Vital, Trinity Cert. TESOL student

Interview: Tatiana Vital, Trinity Cert. TESOL student

Tatiana Vital did one of the first Trinity Cert. TESOL courses to be run in Dublin in August 2015. She talked to Bruno, one of our programme advisors.

Tatiana Interview

Bruno: The first thing I would ask you is why did you choose this course? Why Trinity Cert. TESOL?

Tatiana: Well, because I found out three years ago that this is actually what I want to do with my life. Even though I have another degree in something completely unrelated, teaching is what I like to do.

B: How did the course help you to achieve that?

T: Well, very much. It describes a teaching approach that I am familiar with, but in a totally different way. The course teaches you how to handle students from different cultures, language backgrounds–from all parts of the world. It is very, very different to deal with students from different parts of the world than to teach people from your own background; a lot of other things come into the classroom.

B: How was the course for you and how was the experience of dealing with real students?

T: Oh! Well, it was challenging, I won’t say that it wasn’t, especially when we had mixed levels in the class. So, lesson planning was a bit of a challenge, trying to plan for every little thing that could go wrong, or right. It was very enlightening, as one of us says, and it did prepare us for what we are about to do. It’s a very good start.

B: What’s the next step–Ireland, Dubai, what?

T: Well for now, it’s Dublin. I don’t know what’s next after that, but for now, teaching in Dublin. Yes!

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