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Summer in Ireland: Whether you’re 18 or 60, you always have something to do!

Summer in Ireland: Whether you’re 18 or 60, you always have something to do!

Summer In Ireland

If you are thinking about studying abroad, Ireland is a great choice. Here at English Studio Dublin, you will find plenty of travel options and extracurricular activities while you learn English. Our team is made up of mainly “Dubs” (natives of Dublin) who will make your experience even more fun-filled and enjoyable.

According to the forecast English Studio Dublin, this summer is going to be the best yet, with good weather expected for the next few months!

So what are you waiting for? Make your decision now! summer is here, and if you are wondering “What can I do during the summer in Dublin?”, we have the perfect answer. To learn more about the various hotspots available in the city, please check out the interviews we conducted with the teaching staff; try to acquire other tips about the city, tips that only native Dubliners would know. It is as if you were in the classroom and could directly ask them about places to go, restaurants, events for the summer and about the unique stores and shops.

Prepare yourself for summer with our team of teachers and come to Dublin! Featured today are two of our teachers. Enjoy!

Stephen Cullen, 70, teaching for 45 years.

Stephen Cullen - 45 years of experience

‘The bright mornings and the bright evenings. I love that! Walking, hearing the birds singing, I love walking in the countryside and along the beaches. It’s a beautiful time – never too hot and not always raining. In Dublin, you have lovely beaches such as Malahide, Howth, and Bray. Easily accessible, you can travel to them by DART.

As for food, in the summer time, we have a variety of gorgeous salads accompanied by a nice glass of wine. The students have so many things to see: the museums around the city as well as Dublin Castle (which is free the first Wednesday of every month). You can also visit the Pro-Cathedral Church, on Cathedral Street, at 11 am on Sunday and take part in a Latin Mass: you don’t have to be a Catholic to attend, and the singing is absolutely beautiful!

On weekends the students could travel to Belfast, Wicklow or the Cliffs of Moher. All the places can be reached by public transport. In Dublinia, you can see the history of Dublin, from the first settlers to the modern day metropolis. My best memory of the summer is in Phoenix Park. You can walk around and take pictures of the beautiful scenery; if you can get to Croke Park anytime in the summer, it is the home of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) where you can enjoy watching matches. Finally, my favorite Pub is the Lotts on Liffey Street, I like the atmosphere. My favorite beer apart from Guinness is 13, a new brand of Guinness, and my favorite Whiskey is Jameson. Dublin is a small city, but it’s still good to have a guide.’

Eoin Lynam, 27, teaching for 5 years

Eoin - 27 years old - 5 years teaching English

‘One of the big advantages is that the days are longer and brighter for a lot longer as well, so you can still do things, such as visit parks late in the evening. Dublin is quite a small city, so it is easy to get around. In addition, we are on the Coast, so you can go to the beaches and have a swim. I would recommend the students do this at least once. It is quite cold, but it’s a great experience, especially for students from different countries.

Dublin is also surrounded by mountains, so if you enjoy walking and hiking, there are a lot of places to explore. In the city, we have nice architecture. You can get local fish and chips or go to the Phoenix Park. Phoenix Park is the largest park located in the city centre of any country in Europe. If you want to relax, you can do it. If you want to play football, you can do that as well. You can also cycle around Phoenix Park because there is little traffic in the area.

I also like to go to Pubs. Personally, I am a Guinness man, and my favorite Pub is Mulligans. It is a great old Pub and the decoration hasn’t changed much since its construction. I would avoid Temple Bar because the food is over priced and the area is filled with tourists, plus, the Guinness isn’t really that good either.

I am from the north side of Dublin, and we used to go to Howth a lot in the summer, and that is my special memory. There is an area called Balscadden – a place called The Bailey – where you can climb the cliffs and jump off into the ocean, which is a great way to go swimming in ice cold water. After that, you can end your day with some delicious fish and chips.’

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