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Student video testimonials – Gabriela and George

Student video testimonials – Gabriela and George

Our students talk about why they chose The English Studio and what they love the most about living in London. Have a look at their testimonials below:


‘London has the most cultural things that I like. The main thing that I like is the city life, there are so many things to do. I came to The English Studio two weeks ago and I really love the teachers and the school and when I wake up in the morning I feel happy to go to school. I chose the English Studio because it’s in the heart of the city and everything around the school is very nice and it’s cool to spend my day here. Sometimes me and my friends go out to pubs after classes or go to the square or the park or walk. And the social events in school are very very nice, you can meet many people from other classes. For me it’s important to learn English so I can speak with other people and for everything, for life.’


‘I’m George Taylor and I’m from Japan. I was a Junior Highschool student in Japan and I moved to London because I wanted to learn English. The good thing about studying at The English Studio is that I made a lot of friends and they are really kind and all the teachers are very interesting. I chose this school because of the location. It’s central London so I can travel around easily and it’s affordable. My favourite thing about London is its unique feel with its unique buildings. Also the best thing about London are the double decker buses. The upper deck is so exciting, you can see the views perfectly.’


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