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As Easter approaches, our language and conversations fill with words and phrases that reflect the rich traditions and symbolism of this important festival. Easter is a time of joy, renewal, remembrance and celebration. Whether you are participating in religious ceremonies, enjoying festive gatherings, or simply immersing yourself in the spirit of the seasons, understanding some essential Easter vocabulary adds depth and meaning to your experience. In this article, we will explore the must-know Easter words that help bring the magic of this festival to life.  


At the heart of Easter lies the concept of resurrection, representing the belief in the rebirth and renewal of life. This word carries profound significance in the Christian religion, symbolising hope, redemption and the triumph of life over death.  

Lent  as an Easter word

The Easter period of Lent refers to the 40 days Jesus Christ spent fasting in the desert in the lead-up to Easter Sunday. Culturally, it is a time of reflection, repentance, and spiritual preparation. This word derives from Old English and refers to the lengthening of days as spring approaches. People may often decide to give something up for Lent, such as meat, chocolate, or alcohol.  

Ash Wednesday  

This day marks the first day of Lent in the Christian calendar. Christians attend special church services and may receive a cross of ash on the top of their heads. It signals the beginning of religious periods of fasting and prayer.  

Palm Sunday  

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week and commemorates Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, where crowds waved palm branches as Jesus entered Jerusalem in the days leading up to the Easter weekend on the first day of the Easter Holy Week.  

Maundy Thursday  

Also known as Holy Thursday, Maundy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper and Jesus’ act of washing the feet of his disciples in the days leading up to his crucifixion and it symbolises humility and service.  

The Last Supper

The Last Supper refers to the last meal that Jesus shared with his apostles on Maundy Thursday.  

Good Friday  

Good Friday observes the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and is a day of solemn reflection and remembrance in Christian tradition.  

Easter Sunday  

Easter Sunday is the culmination of Holy Week and celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, representing new life, hope, and joy. It is a day of worship, feasting and festive gatherings.  

Easter Bunny  

The Easter Bunny is a beloved figure in Easter folklore, symbolizing fertility, abundance and the arrival of spring. Children eagerly anticipate the Easter Bunny’s delivery of colourful eggs and treats.  

Easter Eggs  

Decorating eggs is a classic activity during Easter. It can represent fertility, new beginnings and the resurrection. The tradition of colouring or painting eggs dates back centuries. It’s also a fun activity for families and children.   

Easter Egg hunts  

It’s common to place decorated eggs out in a public space or a garden and hunt for the eggs, collecting them up and if you’re lucky, you just might find a chocolate one!  

Chocolate Eggs  

Indulgent chocolate eggs are a delicious Easter treat enjoyed by people of all ages. Chocolate Easter eggs symbolise abundance, sweetness and the joy of sharing gifts with loved ones.  

Easter Bonnet  

The word bonnet is a decorative hat which is often elaborately decorated. 

Easter Bunny  

The Easter Bunny is a beloved figure in Easter folklore, symbolising fertility, abundance and the arrival of Spring. Children eagerly anticipate the Easter Bunny’s delivery of colourful eggs and treats.  

Easter Basket  

People will often fill a decorated Easter basket with foods that are popular during the festive period. 

Hot Cross Buns  

Yummy! It is tradition to eat these sweet, spiced buns with a cross mark of shortcrust pastry on the top during Lent and Easter.  

Easter Parade  

In many cities, Easter parades are a cherished tradition where participants dress in festive attire, showcase bonnets adorned with flowers and ribbons, and celebrate the joyous spirit of Easter.  


Easter coincides with the coming of Spring. In the UK this brings longer, brighter days, milder weather, and new growth in nature with green shoots and budding flowers. People refresh and clean their homes and gardens and the season brings hope, renewal and optimism.   

Easter Vigil  

The Easter Vigil is a significant religious service which occurs on Holy Saturday night, culminating in the proclamation of Christ’s resurrection and the lighting of the Paschal candle, symbolizing the light of Christ illuminating the world.  

Easter Lily  

The Easter Lily is a symbolic flower associated with purity, renewal, and the resurrection. Its trumpet-shaped blooms and sweet fragrance are often seen in churches and homes during the Easter season.  

As we celebrate Easter, let’s cherish the words and traditions that embody the themes of rebirth, renewal, and celebration. This can be through participating in religious observances, attending festive gatherings, or indulging in cherished symbols like Easter eggs and bunnies. The spirit of Easter is a time to reflect on the journey of life and embrace the opportunity for renewal and growth. The season is a reminder of the beauty of life and the promise of a brighter future. It is a time to come together with loved ones, share in the joy of the season, and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Easter beautifully reflects the timeless values of hope, love, and joy that resonate across cultures and generations. Your knowledge of the must-know  Easter words or phrases will help you appreciate the beauty of this festive season and help your improve as an English language student.

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