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Learning English changed my life – Georgem Arruda

Learning English changed my life – Georgem Arruda

Coming to The English Studio

It was March 2015 when I arrived at The English Studio to know about my class.

I talked to Branca (the receptionist) and I realised that I couldn’t understand so much. I thought.. I want back to my country, OMG. I was afraid.

I had gone to the class and teacher Laura arrived. She was trying to talk to everyone but it was difficult. I thought I’d never get to talk in English. It was difficult to think I could talk in English with Italian, Chinese, French classmates. But I was willing to improve my skills.

Learning English changed my life (Georgem Arruda)

Let’s go, I can do it!

I needed to live and I enjoyed the routine and London life…parks, museums, pubs, beers, traffic, underground, rush hour, meetings, more pubs, more beers.

Time goes fast, very fast. I was surprised about your communication with your classmates. I really liked my teachers, they are the best! I passed my level but I continued studying English during the day..

English became part of my life

It was funny, I didn’t realise that English was becoming my life and I could talk with everyone.

I really enjoy socialising. I went  to all of the events: pubs, tours, parties, day trips, but I never forgot to study. I tried to dive into my new life. I like to try how is the life as a Londoner. To be in London, studying English was the greatest opportunity in my life. Learning English changed my life (Georgem Arruda)

But it was time to say good bye, time to go back to Brazil, time to go back to my life, to my family, my friends and my job. I was so sad to leave London. If I could, I’d stay In London. Then I realised that I made a lot of friends around the world and even with different culture and language we can talk with ourselves and that is awesome!

I couldn’t have imagined to be able to speak English that way, I have learned the best way.

I got a new job in English

When I came back to Brazil, I got a new job. Now, I work with software testing and all about my job is in English. I need study a lot about software testing and most of things are in English.

Now, my life is better because English is in everything: movies, TV series, articles.

I hope to go back to London to visit my favourite school and teachers one day.

Thanks English Studio, the school have made a big difference in my life. London is my favourite place in the entire world. I hope to see all of you as soon as possible.

Georgem Arruda

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