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This is why you need to study TESOL with The English Studio, London.

This is why you need to study TESOL with The English Studio, London.

We have trained hundreds of teachers who now work all over the world: from Turkey to Thailand and from Brazil to Barcelona. Many of them work for us at The English Studio London, which goes to show how good we know our courses really are.

23The amazing thing about teaching English is that there is no specific personality type most suited to it. You don’t need to have taught before, or still be at university and you certainly don’t need to be a native speaker to do our Trinity accredited Cert. TESOL course. All you need is a love of English and a desire to communicate with people. Our ‘Typical Trainee’ doesn’t really exist: we have people who want to see the world during their gap year, we have people in their early 50’s who want a change career, we even have people preparing to retire to a far-off land and would like to stay active! Very importantly, we also have people whose first language isn’t English, but who love it and want to share this love with others.

We often point out at the start of the courses that on day one you already have the majority of the characteristics needed to succeed as a teacher: what we will offer you is the knowledge, techniques and practice you need to be able to hit the ground running as soon as you graduate.

10The unique aspect of our course is that we are so confident of its quality that we will offer a work placement at our own very busy language school to every graduating candidate. Yes, you read that right! For example, if you study with us in October, you could be working with us in December and January. If you do well, you could be working with us well beyond this period. In this way the course is good as pays for itself!

Make no mistake, the course is very intense – just ask anyone who’s every done a Cert. TESOL, but remember, our trainers not only instruct and assess you, but they also have the experience and the expertise to help you overcome any challenges you may face during the four weeks, so that you reach and cross the finishing line!

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