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Read all about Mitsuki Nishimoto’s LIVE Experience

Read all about Mitsuki Nishimoto’s LIVE Experience

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Congratulations to our English Studio London LIVE winner, Mitsuki Nishimoto, who won the chance to see the one and only Harry Styles last week at London’s famous O2 Arena … Mitsuki was exceptionally grateful for being nominated and had an amazing experience and which we cannot wait to read all about! In recognition of her hardwork and achievements, we were proud to announce Mitsuki as this months English Studio LIVE winner for English Studio London.

Anyway, enough from us … let Mitsuki share with you details about her big night!

Take it away Mitsuki!

“Thank you very much for giving me this super fantastic experience. I really enjoyed the concert of Harry Styles!

I was so excited to listen to his songs live. His voice was amazing, ad he was really cool!

An also, he is gentle. While the concert, he found a girl whose birthday was that day and he sang the birthday song for her with everyone. That was nice and fun.

His talk was nice as well, so I could spend a lovely time all night with my friend!

This would be one of my unforgettable memories in London, thank you so much for this amazing night. I’ll keep studying English harder at school!”

Mitsuki Nishimoto

 Once again, let us congratulate Mitsuki on her big win and academic achievements and we wish you all the best in your future studies and experiences.

Head over to our English Studio LIVE page and find out how YOU could be in with the chance of winning TWO tickets to see either The Rolling Stones or 30 Seconds To Mars next month.

This is why you need to study TESOL with The English Studio, London.
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