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Writing Competition Winner – Olga Shcherbakova

Writing Competition Winner – Olga Shcherbakova

How studying at English Studio has changed my life?

By Olga Shcherbakova

October, 2013
I am at the birthday party. Ksyusha is celebrating her 25 years. I asked her where Elen is and why she did not come? Kyusha said to me, “she left her job at the Russian railways and is now studying English in London.”

This information shocked me at first. Of course, I had heard about studying abroad before. For example, when I was at school I met a boy who was studying English in London during his summer holidays. But he was from a very remarkable family. At this time, I opened my eyes – it’s possible. I can do it too.

March, 2017
I am in a job interview for an international company. I really want to get this job! The possibility to become a valuable player in the ambitious and efficient team, highly competitive salary, a modern loft-style working space in the city centre. So many benefits I have really dreamed about. Finally, another candidate got the job. He is from Australia and he speaks English fluently.

I am not sad, I am just starting to search on www.englishstudio.com every day. I will go to study English at English Studio in London. Applause, applause, applause!

May, 2018
On the one side Shoko is reading an article. She is from Japan and is reading so attentively like there is no one around, an no walls, no furniture, no distractions. On the other side I have Renato from Brazil. He is reading and talking with a pretty girl whose name is Valerya, planning his night out – all together.

Another of our classmates, Clarissa, once told me:

“Don’t be afraid about your English, you should speak. I make mistakes too, but I don’t care. If you are wrong, people will correct you. But it’s OK – just speak!”

I’m in the classroom of English Studio. I try not only to learn English, but go far. Here I can learn about life. I am attentive, I am respectful to our great teacher Jane. I am active. I am no shy. I try to speak English even when I am afraid.

With great pleasure I invite you to improve your language skills and to see the whole world in one classroom, The English Studio.

It is in the centre of London. It is in the centre of my heart.

Olga Shcherbakova

Here are some photo’s Olga kindly shared with us from her time studying at The English Studio …

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