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  • We Have The Winning Formula

    Whether it’s London or Dublin, here at The English Studio, we pride ourselves on the ability to offer the highest quality courses delivering the best possible value. The English…

    Letisha Vilkhu

  • Kickstart Your Career

    Whatever your work situation, let The English Studio help you shake up you CV and create a working profile to kick-start your career. Here we give you the essential…

    Letisha Vilkhu

  • 21 Ways To Say Hello

    Wouldn’t it be great if we knew how to say hello in all languages? Imagine all the friends we could make from around the world, just by saying a…

    Letisha Vilkhu

  • Learning about English for Healthcare

    If you aren’t familiar with the Healthcare sector in the UK, you may be surprised to hear that the UK provides free medical service through NHS (National Health Service) –…

    Letisha Vilkhu

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