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The English Studio Blog

The English Studio Blog

Learning English changed my life – HoJun You

Hi, I’m HoJun You. I’m from Suwon in South Korea. I’ll talk about how learning English changed my life. When I was in my country, I really wanted to speak English…

My English language journey – Jose’s story

About my English language journey In today’s global world, the influence of the English Language cannot be ignored or disregarded as English is taking over the world. Throughout the last and…

Learning English changed my life – Victoria Peña

The English Studio Experience by a traveller You look at your right: a Japanese classmate. You look at your left: a Brazilian classmate. Italians, Russians, Arabs, French, Chinese, Turkish. They…

Living and Working in London with Marco Paris

At the English Studio we help many of our students find work to support themselves while they take an English course in London. Marco Paris, 23 is a recent mechanical engineering graduate from near…

Jobs for foreign students in London

For many students learning English in London, it’s important to have a job to pay the bills while they’re here. Prime recruitment is one of the agencies that work in collaboration…
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