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The English Studio Blog

The English Studio Blog

Fluency Magazine – Edition 4

Hot off the press! Here is the latest edition of our school magazine. In this edition we celebrate 20 years of English Studio and we look at job tips, language…

Learning English changed my life – Alex Espejel

‘Sentence or no sentence?’ Right, picture this: ten in the morning, first class on the first day in a new school, my poor buttocks pressed against the least ergonomically designed…

Learning English changed my life – HoJun You

Hi, I’m HoJun You. I’m from Suwon in South Korea. I’ll talk about how learning English changed my life. When I was in my country, I really wanted to speak English…

My English language journey – Jose’s story

About my English language journey In today’s global world, the influence of the English Language cannot be ignored or disregarded as English is taking over the world. Throughout the last and…
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