Free Talks and Lectures in London

London is a cosmopolitan city and we love how much fun we can have in this city. We love it! And we truly believe you love it, too. But we cannot forget how serious London can get. Some of the biggest universities of the world are in the UK so the capital constantly receives some of the greatest minds of our times for, let’s say, a talk.

Lectures, seminars and talks happen on a daily basis at different times of the day to quench Londoners’ thirst for knowledge.  Prices vary and, believe me, you can find lots of interesting events for free. We tailored a list of where we usually go for inspiration:

1. The Royal Society gathers some of the world’s most distinguished minds drawn from all areas of science, engineering, and medicine. The Society’s fundamental purpose is to encourage the development and use of science to the benefit of humanity, and for decades it has played an important part in some of the most fundamental, significant, and life-changing discoveries in scientific history. Most of their events are free and open to public. Their events calendar is available online via their website.

2. Since 1910, the Ethical Society at Conway Hall presents a staggering portfolio of speakers and topics. The Society is an educational charity whose aims are the study and dissemination of ethical principles based on Humanism and free thought, the cultivation of a rational and humane way of life, and the advancement of research and education in all relevant fields. Due to capacity, most events require online booking, even when they’re free.

3. The British Academy is the UK’s expert body that supports and speaks for the humanities and social sciences. Their mission is to inspire, recognise and support high achievement in the humanities and social sciences throughout the UK and internationally, and to champion their role and value. With a calendar of events open to all, often free, they offer the chance to explore new research that sheds light on a wide range of human and social issues.

4. The Wellcome Collection runs a series of talks called Packed Lunch. You can drop in to hear local scientists in conversation about their latest experiments, life in the lab and why science matters to everyone, all in the space of your lunch hour.

Wellcome Collection

5. The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is one of the foremost social science universities in the world. Everyone is welcome to attend their public events, where some of the most influential figures in the social sciences can be heard.

6. Birkbeck University is a world-class research and teaching institution, a vibrant centre of academic excellence and London’s only specialist provider of evening higher education. Many of their lectures will focus on which career path to follow, with detailed explanation of the different areas and jobs.

7. King’s College played a major part in nineteenth-century science and in extending higher education to women and working men through evening classes. The college has grown and developed through mergers with several institutions each with their own distinguished histories.

Kings College London

8. University College London (UCL)  organises Lunch Hour Lectures, which is a good opportunity for anyone to sample the exceptional research work taking place at UCL, in bite sized chunks. Speakers are drawn from across the university, and lectures frequently showcase new research and recent academic publications. For full programme, check  

9. If you feel you have a lot to share, then you should find good audience at the Speakers’ Corner, close to Marble Arch station. Everyone Sunday from 13h30, you can join Socialists, Marxists, Christians, Catholics, Christian Atheists, Post-Moderrnists, Black Supremacists, Sex and love speakers, “It is gonna get worse” corner, Sunnis, Shias, Independent Islamics, born again evangelists, long live Israel, free hugs, and much more.

Course + Accommodation = £400!
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