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Learning English changed my life – HoJun You

Learning English changed my life – HoJun You

Hi, I’m HoJun You. I’m from Suwon in South Korea. I’ll talk about how learning English changed my life.

When I was in my country, I really wanted to speak English very well and I studied English. However, I think I need to practice more. So, I have a plan to go abroad to study English. In many countries, speaking the English, I chose Dublin, in Ireland. And I came to Dublin in the 5th of September to study English.

After I came to The English Studio in Dublin so many things changed in my life.Learning English changed my life - HoJun You

First, I made many friends from a lot of countries, like Ireland, Brazil, France and Spain, etc. I can talk with my new friends, and I can talk about their cultures so I can learn a various cultures from the talking with my new friends. It is very interesting to me because their cultures are very different from my country’s culture. In school, talking with my friends is very interesting for me. I like this time. I can listen to about their country, culture and town.

Second, I have a confidence when i’m talking to English. Before I studied a English, I was very timid person. However, after studying English in Dublin, I’m not timid person anymore. I have a confidence and I can speak English very well. And I want to speak English even better now.

Third, learning English makes me a intelligent person. Thanks to the learning English, I can speak two languages, Korean and English. I think someone who can speak many languages is very fantastic. So I think learning English is very great for my future. I’m really happy to learn English.

And then, learning English makes me a great person. This is advantage of find a job in Korea. Learning English can raise my competitiveness when I find a job. So I’m really happy to learn English in Dublin and I’m trying to speak English better.

Last, I’m experiencing various things during I have studied English in Dublin. I’m experiencing new cultures, new people, new food, new school, new house, and new job. I think various experience is good for life. It makes me a better woman and outstanding person.

After I’m learning English, I want to learn another language. Learning English changes me many things so I think another language can change me better woman.

Learning English changed my life - HoJun You

Thank you for reading my story and teaching English for me. I’m really happy to come to The English Studio and meet teacher and new friends. I’ve never forgot this time in The English Studio in Dublin.

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