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Why did I decide to learn English? – Anna Boučková

Why did I decide to learn English? – Anna Boučková

Why did I decide to learn English and how English changed my life

In today´s world we are surrounded by English from all directions. We encounter with English in very young age. When we are trying to get a job, English is not an advantage, but it is a necessary now. The big part of the internet is in English. The most used social media are usually in English, and I think my generation cannot even imagine life without them.

When I was four, my father moved to London, but I stayed with my mother in my native country – the Czech Republic. My dad has been sending me postcards from London since that. London seemed like a paradise to me. Why did I decide to learn English?

My grandma calls it the Great, the Beautiful London. I had not even been there and I knew that I wanted to live there when I grew up .

My first time visiting England

I first visited England when I was seven years old on summer holidays. I was there for a week and it was an amazing week. One memory, which I will never forget is how we watched a film. I did not understand single word, I was just waiting for my father to laugh so I could laugh too. It was the moment when I realised that I would have to learn English to be able to live in an English speaking country, but don’t judge me, I was seven. Since that I have been learning English in my school in the Czech republic in lessons with Czech teachers.

When I was eleven, I passed the exams to the grammar school and I started to learn German. I had one year gap in learning English and I missed it so much. I also found out that English grammar is much easier then the German grammar. In general English is, compared to French,  Chinese and other languages, really easy. In my English learning gap I started watching films and readings books in English. I didn’t understand much but at least I was trying. I began learning English again in my grammar school. Since that I have been really enjoying English lessons.

Why did I decide to learn English?

In spring 2015 my dad asked me if I would like to come for the summer and visit some English schools in London. I was really excited about it, because I had been visiting London since I was seven with my grandma, but never on my own. It was a big deal for me. I was using a tube, getting stuck in heavy traffic on double-deckers and reading Evening Standard like a real Londoner. I was sure that the next summer I will come as well and so it happened.

Coming to the Young English Studio

This year I was visiting Young English Studio and it was really brilliant. I was there for four weeks, I met many teachers and all of them were excellent. The lessons were funny and exciting. I would like to come again and I can definitely recommend English Studio. It made me talk and I am not ashamed when I speak. I have a lot to work on in English, but even my skills in English have definitely changed my life.

I made friends with other students from Young English Studio. We still keep in touch, which is great. Also my dad has a girlfriend who speaks only English, we get on really well, and it is great that I can speak with her. I can watch films without dubbing. I am a Game of Thrones fan and I could not even imagine watching GoT in Czech. I also read the newest Harry Potter book in English, just a few days after publishing!

Why did I decide to learn English?

English definitely has changed my life. I hope that one day my dream will come true and I will live and work in London, because now I know that London is not only beautiful but definitely it is Great. And I also find out that buses in London are not always red and double, because I am not anymore the small girl with postcards.

Anna Boučková

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