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Learning English changed my life – Victoria Peña

Learning English changed my life – Victoria Peña

The English Studio Experience by a traveller

Learning English changed my life You look at your right: a Japanese classmate. You look at your left: a Brazilian classmate. Italians, Russians, Arabs, French, Chinese, Turkish. They are all your classmates. You think ‘how is it
possible to communicate with all them?’. You think that it’s impossible – You try not to think about communication with British people – that is completely impossible. You think about your aim ‘to improve my English’ and you repeat it in your mind over and over again.

You go to school; The English Studio. You attend to every class: grammar, conversation, writing. English. English. English.

You try. You do the best.

You live. You enjoy routine, the London routine…parks, museums, pubs, beers, undergrounds, meetings, more pubs, more beers.

food party

Time goes fast. You are surprised about your communication with your classmates. They are friendly. They are in the same situation than you: learning English. You enjoy every Grammar, Conversation and Writing class. More study. More English. You like your teachers, they are the best! You pass your level. You are still studying.

You realise that English is becoming your life now.

You enjoy socialising. The school organises events. You go to all. Pubs, beers, tours, parties, sing-along, cinema, more pubs. You are still enjoying every laugh, every taste, every smell, every landscape, every moment. Neither rainy weather nor the price of transport affect your happiness.

in the park

You learn about other cultures, religions, and ways of living.

You say goodbye to your classmates who complete their course: Latin party, Chinese party, Italian Party, farewell picnic. You say that you’ll miss them. You hope your time to leave London doesn’t come fast, even you know that it will.
Time goes fast, really fast in the London of English Studio. You start understanding British people. You can speak with British people, they understand you!

More pubs, more parks. Friendly classmates. Funny teachers. More Grammar. More Conversation. More Writing. Yes, English is your routine and you love it! You pass your level again. You are still learning.

You couldn’t have imagined to be able to speak English that way, you have learned the best way.

It’s your time. Your time to say ‘good bye’, ‘see you soon’ and that sort of stuff. You try not to be so emotional. You fail…but it’s OK, you realise you have lived intensely all your time in London. You are not the same person who arrived a while ago.

And the most important thing: you have friends, you have many friends around the world. Yes, now you want and you are ready to travel the world.

red telephone boxfilm night

Victoria Celoira Peña

This story was submitted by Victoria as part of our writing competition this month. Send us your story by 26th October and you could win a £100 Amazon voucher! Find out more about the writing competition.

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