Love Stories in Dublin

"Do you have any Love Story to Share? I'll listen for FREE"
“Do you have any Love story to share? I’ll listen to it for FREE”

We received this amazing video from our student Sebastian Guanumen. On a lovely sunny day here in Dublin, they invited people to share their love stories. The result is brilliant!

“This is an initiative to highlight the relevance of love in our daily life. By feeling and sharing love and kindness we can encourage people to see the positive side of life. Every story we have makes us the person we are right now, so why don´t we share a little bit of us?”, says the moviemaker.

He also values the importance of Love as ‘the main pillar of peace’: “Let’s start to live in love and harmony, not only with others, but also with ourselves. If we can transform the way we see our life, it is possible to approach others with understanding, compassion and wisdom”.

This is the introduction to a sequence of videos that I will upload gradually. Every video will feature a true love story.

And like those crazy kids from Liverpool said once, “All we need is love!”


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