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Why I decided to learn English – Laura Ramírez

Why I decided to learn English – Laura Ramírez

Why I decided to learn English

Since I have memory, one of my biggest dreams has been learning English. I remember when I was 4 years old, my main motivation was my aunt, because she lives in the U.K. Why I decided to learn English

I thought she was a genius when she started to speak in English and I used to believe that she was spectacular. This was really crazy because I had no idea that she was speaking English, I just heard strange words. However, now I can say that my aunt was my first step to start getting interested in English. All the time I tried to learn English so my parents decided to pay for English courses and I really loved it because I felt that every day I knew a little more and it was absolutely amazing.

Why I decided to learn EnglishWhy I decided to learn English? Well, I think that English is a universal language. With it you can understand the world, so it is important in life because, it’s the only way people can communicate. I consider it a tool for the real world.

Learning about different cultures

For example in my trip to the United Kingdom in the English Studio I discovered a lot of things that I thought I would never know, such as different cultures.

This is wonderful because in my country we do not talk a lot of other type of cultures. I am not only talking about European culture, I mean there are too many that I knew very little about, such as Turkish or Arab culture. I loved it because is really interesting to know about the lifestyle, how they think or how their decisions are based, I think that this is wonderful because you learn to have tolerance for others, I made really good friends.

It could not be possible without the English that I perfect in the English studio. I am sure that English has changed my life because now I see the world in a different way.

Why I decided to learn EnglishWhat I hope to achieve? I hope to achieve big things with English. Like creating something that helps people with disabilities or people that do not have resources. Or maybe I can create a company that have different possibilities of work. I would love to help people to learn more, because this can open big opportunities.

Laura Melissa Machado Ramírez – Colombia

This story was submitted by Laura as part of our writing competition entitled ‘Learning English changed my life’. Send us your story by 26th October and you could win a £100 Amazon voucher! Find out more about the writing competition.

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