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The English Studio Blog

The English Studio Blog

Cheap Cinemas in London

London is a great city for cinemas. Crossing Leicester Square on a lucky day, you could bump into an enormous red carpet full of celebrities on their way to a…

Best Art Galleries in London

The festive period has passed and you are returning to work or study feeling a bit gloomy. Or you may have got a bit carried away and are now trying…

Student Arrivals Tier 4

Student Arrivals Border Force has produced a helpful list of top tips for first time students arriving this autumn to commence their studies in the UK. The tips are designed…

How to learn English: 2 easy steps!

I. Vocabulary You can learn 300 new words in a month, spending just 15 minutes per day: Open www.lingualeobr.com. You can register or login with facebook. Find favorite movies, songs,…

A Glowing Report From The ISI

In February 2013, The English Studio received a monitoring visit from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). We are very proud of how they have recognised the quality of our courses,…
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